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4-6 Week Nursing Assistant program

How the Program Works:

Quality Care Nursing is a IN-PERSON 4-6week Contract program for in-class learning. This program contracts with different nursing home facility to training staff or students  to become Certified nursing assistants.  Which will provide the students with the knowledge needed for passing the PA state Certified Nursing Assistant exam.  Not only will this program prepare our students for the CNA certification exam,  We our partnered with Wesley enhanced living which will pay for students tuition in return of them working for them. This will give students a first-hand experience and prepare them for job placement. Day and  Evening classes available. . 


Days: Nursing Assistant Contract Training program is only 4-6 weeks long for 2days of theory/lab/skills, Every Tues and Thurs 8:00am -4:00pm, then one week of clinical 7:am -3:30pm Mon- Fri

Evening classes: are a  4-6weeks Program with 2 days a week Tues and Thurs 5pm -9pm and every other weekend 8:30am -4:30pm for 5 weeks. The last week of the program is clinical which will be day time hours only!

7am to 3:30pmpm  Mon- Fri

Healthcare Worker with Patient

Quality Care Nursing contract Training program 

Next Class in April!

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