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Quality Care Nursing is committed to producing successful, passionate students who are equipped with enough knowledge to pass the state board Certified Nursing Assistant examination. 

All applicants Should have all required documents before registering. 

.  All forms may be downloaded from the website Completed forms may be  emailed to,  or uploaded below or dropped off at location during business hours of 8am - 5 pm Mon- Fri. 







The following are required for Application


Applications can be completed online and all documents can be upload. Students must complete state criminal background check, Physical, 2 step P.P.D, have and valid picture ID, and covid vaccine card.  which is not cover under schools tuition cost. 



 Documentation of High school diploma or GED

 A valid driver’s license or other government issued photo ID

Copy of Covid two step vaccination card. 

Background Check

Physical with 2 step PPD 

Step 3:

All applicants are required to have a physical.  The form can be downloaded from this Link.  Quality care nursing physical form

The candidate must obtain a Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) report from the PA State Police during the current year to beginning a nurse aide training program. The CHRI report must be free of prohibitive offenses. Prohibitive offenses include those contained in Act 14, Nurse Aide Resident Abuse Prevention Training Act 14 (PDF).  A CHRI report can be obtained at PA State Police Criminal History Record

If the candidate has not been a resident of Pennsylvania for at least the past two years, they must obtain an FBI report as well as the PA State Police CHRI described above. Information about an FBI report can be found on the PDE Nurse Aide website under the heading Criminal History Record Information. When registering for FBI fingerprints a service code will be needed. 1KG6NX. Attestation of Compliance with ACT 14 All candidates must submit a original or copy of an original PA CHRI obtained through the Pennsylvania state police during the year prior to enrolling in a PA NATCEP as required by Act 14.    Below is the required background check. 


Electronic PATCH ( Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History). The PATCH system allows approved users to secure a relatively quick response to CHRI checks provided that there is no violation on record. The user must use a valid credit card. website as followed:, Record check must have a seal of Pennsylvania State Police in order to be accepted.  All Completed forms can be emailed to All tuition will be paid by Wesley enhanced living with working agreement. 













You can upload all documents here

click this link:

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