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Quality Care Nursing

Sculpting the minds of the next generation of healthcare workers.

Nurse Aide Training 

Tutoring for all Nurses

Short Trainings

Nursing an Elderly


Our mission at Quality Care Nursing is to teach our students the importance of bedside manner and customer service. Compassion, Patience and Commitment is the navigation used to help conquer our mission. Our students will be learning with in-class learning. They will be taught to know that the curriculum is important but also remember that treating patients with dignity and respect is just as important.

What Service We Provide

Quality care nursing offer contract training ONLY at the moment.  Which means that we our contract with a nursing home who will pay for training in return for working for them. We also accept other contract trainings with other nursing facilities.  if any companies are interested feel free to email

We our currently contracted with Wesley enhanced living. 


Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
Certification Course

Quality Care Nursing offers contract training only.

Medical Professional and Stetoscope

CPR, BLS, & AED Certification

  • CPR and AED certifications. $75

  • All New class are 4hrs 

  • Renewal of CPR is $50

Smiling medical personel

Skills practice training 

Nursing Assistant who need practice with passing their  skills exam we offer

 a 2-day 8hrs Training from 8:30am to 4:30pm

Additional Information:

  Nursing Assistant training for skills practice. This a 2-day 8hrs course from 8:30am to 4:30pm. Students will learn 25 board certified skills that will prepare them for the state skills exam. Students will check out on their second day of training just like they would if they were taking the real state exam. This is for  nursing assistant who have already completed a CNA course. 

Other things offered include: CPR BLS and AED certifications for all students who complete their certified nursing assistant course at no addition cost.  Quality care Nursing is now Partners with Wesley Enhanced living  who will paying for students tuition in return for students working for them full time for 1 year. 

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